A N G E L A  O D

Rio de Janeiro, 1973

She uses embroidery on fabric as a stylistic technique, working with dense weaves of overlapped thread, producing a pictorial appreciation of the images. The slow-moving timing of embroidery and the jumble of thread draw an epic and fantastic narrative which presents a hero/outcast who is constantly confronted by choices that can lead him either to glory or to fall.


There are, in face of this approach, analogies between the image of the hero, and past myths and symbols, like in Middle Ages' bestiaries, in which both real and fantastic information about animals were gathered, as well as present symbols found in video games, board games, religious rituals and folk tales.







a queda 


Curated by

Ivair Reinaldim



final fantasy 

Curated by

Ulisses Carrilho

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