E D U  M O N T E I R O

Porto Alegre - RS, 1972

His work transits between photography, performance, sculpture and video installation. Noticeable crossing in his most recent works, in which, Edu presents the magical universe of African fighting dances and of the diaspora. His Interest was aroused by the practice of capoeira and solidified in his research trips to Africa and to the Caribbean during his doctorate in arts at UERJ.


It is from the memory anchored in the body, from the symbolic overfly of his searches, from the otherness, from the resistance, from the vibrations emanated in the body, in the verb, in the rhythm, in the image and in the matter that his artistic propositions are born.



Ladja series

Autorretrato Sensorial Series

Saturno series







corpos em luta

Curated by

Laís Santana and Marcia Mello

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