G R A Z I E L L A  P I N T O

São Paulo - SP, 1977


Graziella Pinto has a degree in Visual Arts and studied painting in Firenze, Italy. Having worked with this technique for over twenty years, today, her artistic production expands itself in different mediums such as photography, object, collages and installation. The transition between these means is based on processes that are always guided by a need for connection, expansion and personal transformation. Having quantum physics; sacred geometry and nature’s elements as a basis and strong influence. The universe brought by Graziella isn’t static, rather it expands in all directions, as in the installations where the artist proposes a visceral pictorial space.

Her work starts from the relationship between culture and nature, proposing a reflection on belonging or what unites us. The spheres are present in almost all of her productions. The circular form is investigated by the artist as a primordial and spiritual element, that takes us back to life, it’s cycles, cells and the solar system. The result is almost intoxicating, as an invitation to an internal questioning and different sensitive aspects that exists in each one of us.







sua natureza

Curated by

Catia Kanton



bios: vida

Curated by

Deborah Moreira